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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kody, May G-d Bless /What are You Thinking Barbra Walters?

My original post that was started on 02/12/08 follows however, I have something much more important than my diatribe against Jane, the traitor, Fonda and Barbra, the moron, Walters. Please bear with me.

Folks there is still a war going on and with the Presidential race in the forefront of the news if you don't dig deep sometimes you tend to forget about it. Even more important is how the war affects families. I received a phone call yesterday from my daughter-in-law. Her husband is currently in Iraq. She had some sad news for me indirectly about the war. For those of you unfamiliar with the military every soldier has a "battle buddy". They, quite simply, look out for one another. Being a parent of a soldier I have had the pleasure of meeting many fine young men and woman assigned to the 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION. One of these young men was PFC Kody Anderson, my son's "battle buddy". When you are a parent with a child in "harms way" you live from day to day expecting the worse and hoping for the best. Your daily prayer includes,please G-d don't let me see a military car pull in my driveway. You never worry about yourself and what might happen if something happens to you or what affect it might have on your soldier.

Unfortunately yesterday, 20 year old Kody Anderson, my son's "battle buddy, had the equivalent of the military car in the driveway. Yesterday, Kody was informed by his superiors, his father had passed away. Folks, if you know me personally you know my passion for our young men and women at war. Imagine what this young soldier is going through. Thousands of miles from home, defending the county he lives,loves and believes in, doing his best to follow a family tradition of patriotism that his father, and his best friend, have set for him and he receives notice of his father's passing.

I have only one request of all of you who read this post,forward it to someone who will pray for Kody and his family. He is a fine young man, a good Christian, and in the future he and his family will need all the Hope and Prayers we can give him.

G-d Bless your dad, Kody, He was one hell of a Marine!

Folks, somehow this Fonda/Walters thing seems a little insignificant now.

First off I am going to remind everybody I have a son currently serving in Iraq and my opinion may be somewhat slanted but, I don't think so. According to this forward by my friend Barbra Walters in going to honor Jane Fonda as
'100 Women of the Century'. Now I am not sure what that means but I have a few expletives that might cover it. To the Chaplains, Pastors, and religious people who read this I will apologize now.

Ms. Fonda is in my humble opinion, is a traitor to every man or woman who has every worn a uniform in the United States Military. She has posed with the North Vietnamese while good people like Senator John McCain, (not an endorsement) was being beaten and forced to live in squaller and sleep on concrete floors. She continues her anti-American attitudes by protesting against the War on Terror which regardless of your personal feelings about the war in Iraq, murdered nearly 3000, that's 3000, Americans in New York City and Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania. She refuse to acknowledge her role in the continued mis-treatment of the POW'S in Vietnam and states that our good soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have murdered civilians and children.

In a speech to Duke University students in 1970, Fonda told the gathering, "If you understood what Communism was, you would hope and pray on your knees that we would someday become Communist." Upon returning to the United States, Fonda told the world press that U.S. prisoners of war were being well treated and not tortured. Again, I refer to Senator John McCain, ask him of his treatment. Her outrageous claims were later exposed when American POWs were finally freed and told of years of agonizing tortures and inhuman treatment. Fonda responded, not with an apology, but with an accusation calling our returned POWs "liars and hypocrites."

What are you thinking Barbra Walters?