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We sleep safe in our beds at because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time Off, A Terrible Thing to WASTE (ed)

Time off from a rigorous training schedule is a terrible thing to waste. Time off from building concrete forms for industrial and commercial buildings is also a terrible thing to waste. Two brothers who have not seen each other in a long time and both being off for four days is, yep you guessed it, "a terrible thing to waste. Thus begins the saga of an 18 hour, 1000 mile drive from Kansas City to Fayville. Aaron, the elder called the other night and says he is on the way to Fayville from KC. This manly bond can only be duplicated by the bond between a father and son. Which I add was not available at this time. Besides, boys will be boys and there are things dads do not want to become evolved in. They also may not want to know about. You gotta have something to say when they misbehave and if you are with them, you got NO wiggle room.

Aaron arrived safely in Fayville on Wednesday night. Visited with his SIL and niece and nephews until Jacob got home on Thursday. I am not sure how it got started but take an older union construction worker, brother, a younger rough tough AIRBORNE paratrooper bother and somewhere the competitiveness will rear it's ugly head!

Remember when I beat your butt for yada yada yada. Yea, well remember when I did so and so to you. Yada Yada Yada. Hey, I'll drink to that. You get the picture. About 2200 hours Thursday night I get a text from my DIL saying basically glad this only happens once in a great while!

I won't go into the gory details to spare the lady followers of my blog. On Friday morning about 1300 hours I get a text message from Jacob. It wasn't asking for the name of a Bondsman in Fayville thank goodness. Message was "stayed home last night, had breakfast this morning and just put the old man back to bed. Old man referring to Aaron the elder. He can't handle it like he used to! I believe aspirin in mega doses would have been in order.

As I write this post, Aaron, the elder, is on his way back to KC and Jacob is pulling CQ. My daughter in law is most likely in the kitchen, sampling the cooking sherry and thanking the Good Lord, this only happens once in a GREAT WHILE!

Like I said, there are just some things a dad doesn't want to know about or take part in. Oh yes,


Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

This is a short but powerful post.

ABNPOPPA and ABNMOMMA are pleased to announce the birth of:

Jude Christian,

born today, December 8,2009 at 1137 hours. Weight 8lbs. 10oz. 20.5 inches tall.

Mother and son doing fine. We thank the Lord for this beautiful 11th grandchild!

That's all folks.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The War to End All Wars

"December 7,1941 a date which will live in Infamy", so spoke President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This was his statement as he asked Congress for a Declaration of War. On this date the Nation of Japan launched an unprovoked attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. War was all ready being waged in Europe with Germany laying claim to Poland, France and Belgium. The next great prize would be Great Britain. Thus began the World War II.

In this attack, early on Sunday morning while families were preparing to go to church. While many were thinking of the upcoming holidays and many servicemen and women relaxed in the sun and the surf. The Japanese left in the wake most of America's Pacific sea force in shambles. Battleships, cruisers, destroyers and tenders were damaged or completely destroyed. Approximately 2400 brave young service men and women died. Nearly 2000 of these brave soles continue to lie entombed in the Battleship Arizona after 67 years. A memorial to all those who died that day.

Myself, I wasn't alive when the attack took place. I wasn't alive when the war ended but, I heard about it. I read about it in my American History books in Jr. High and Senior High School. Although my father was a WWII veteran and actually fought in the Philippines he never said a word about December 7th or what he did during the war. I do know my mother said he had horrible nightmares when he returned home after the war was over. This was also a problem with my uncle according to my mother. Nightmares and no talk. I ask myself,does this sound familiar? PTSD? I wonder.

I posted previously about how many of our WWII veterans we are loosing every day. This is sad of course. I wonder what our children in the Jr High Schools and Senior High Schools today. Is some teacher showing pictures of the destruction and devastation caused by this murderous attack. Are the teachers explaining it was necessary for the United States to take action after this attack. Are they relating it to the unprovoked attack on 9/11//2001 where 3000 plus, many Americans were murdered.

The sailors and airmen fought back on that December 7th with what ever they could get their hands on. The New York City Police and Firefighters fought back with what ever they could get their hands on. Now we have brave young men and women fighting aggressors again. This time in the mountains of Afghanistan and the cities and villages of Iraq. The United States has a habit of providing the world with safety and security. There is very little difference between our soldiers and sailors of 1941 and 2008. They have families of wives, husbands,sisters and brothers, moms and dads.

Our young soldiers of today are here and often in the news or in the mall. We see them, tell them thanks, send them cookies and cards at Christmas. Our veterans of Pearl Harbor are few and far between. Yes, you might see a few TV announcements or the famous movie "Pearl Harbor".

If you know a WWII veteran regardless whether he is a Pearl Harbor survivor call him and tell him thanks of his service. Let them know you care and you will never forget what his sacrifice means to you. On a personal side I will be calling Uncle Bob who is 85 years now. We most likely won't talk about the War but we will talk and I will tell him thanks. He will chuckle and change the subject and we will talk some more. I will visit with my father at his resting place not far from my home. We will talk also and I will tell him thanks, for more than just fighting for my freedom. They I will leave. Don't let these important heroes or their deeds go unrecognized!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time Flys When You're Having Fun!

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

I am so glad my partner @ the county showed me how to blog. I have met so many fine people here. One of the best things to come out of this blog happened the day of Thanksgiving and the day after. When reviewing the blogs I follow this is what I found. I do believe every blogger/parent of a serviceman got a phone call or visit from their service member. If that doesn't show what a fine bunch of young people there are in this country nothing will. It makes me so proud of my young soldier. He and his wife had a couple of single soldiers over for dinner since they couldn't go home. He and his wife even sent us phone pictures of the spread. Looked good on the cell phone and when I talked to them later in the day I heard no complaints.

All has been quiet in the Midwest lately. Slight snow fall today and temps in the 25 to 35 range pretty much normal for this time of year. What is not normal is the temps at Fort Bragg. I talked with Specialist Jacob this weekend and he was going camping this week with about 200 of his closest friends. He was trying to get the gas smell out of his heavy duty sleeping bag. Apparently the sleeping bag and a can of fuel came together the last time he went camping. Mom told him to wash it twice with a fabric softener and that should do it.

I believe Specialist Jacob is getting a little bored of the current field duties. He was always an adrenalin junkie. Always looking for something else new to get into. I guess my conservative parenting only held him back until he got out from under dad's wing. I really can't say anything as the first thing I did when I was discharged was join the police department. Like father like son I guess. Time will tell.

The hi-lite of my weekend came later Saturday evening. Aaron, the elder, has got 3-way calling on his cell phone. Well you know where this is going. After 10 minutes of trying to hook us up we had a 3-way call going between, Fort Bragg, KC and Ohio. We have the three of us watching about 5/6 different football games and flipping back and forth it was wild. ABNMOMMA had to leave the room as we were going from one to another so fast it was driving her nuts. ThenI spent the next hour listening to how my boys were soooo good as children and how angelic they were. I had to remind them both of the times I had to visit the local police station to pick them up. Nothing serious but, enough to get me out of bed. If I could have bottled the testosterone that was flying back and forth I could have made a million bucks selling it to guys over 50. (Sorry ladies it is a guy thing){:-)

We used to have a game of rassling. I would put a $5.00 bill on the coffee table and if they could pin me for the count of 3 they could have the $5.00 bill. Well needless to say it never happened while they were in school. On several occasions they tried after they graduated it still didn't happen. ABNMOMMA made us take it outside one afternoon and I had to give up the $5.00 bill. You can't tackle me in the house but it was fair game outside. Now both boys play the game with their boys so I guess it was worth all the bruises and the 5 spot.

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is on the way but ABNMOMMA and I will be getting our Christmas present from our daughter, Sarah and her husband, Jason early this year. We just got the call and if the baby isn't here by 0700 hours Monday the doctor said it's gonna be born then! Gee, you think he could make it a little later in the day. I don't get up until 0700 hours since I am retired. Gee, again, I like saying that, hmmm "retired....retired......hmmmm...retired" What a wonderful word! We don't know what the 11th grandchild will be as the kids accept what God gives them. We just pray for healthy and mother comes though the delivery all right.

There are many programs available for support of our brave warriors this time of year I encourage everyone to take part in one of them and encourage your friends to do likewise.