Geroge Orwell

We sleep safe in our beds at because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

Friday, December 14, 2007


A sad experience happened to me yesterday and it's been bothering me every since. Actually in reality it has been coming on for a long time. Not years mind you but at least for the last several years. I would imagine this subject will be written and talked about many times in the next several days however, to me this year it has really hit home. Why? I think I know but I am really not sure so I will not discuss my personal feeling's, only my observations. It's Christmas, a Joyous time of the year, people say.

I work for a government agency and have been a government employee long enough to pull the plug shortly. Now the people in my office where I work in my little cubicle give the impression of religious righteousness. I am certain in their hearts and minds they are. I certainly believed I was, until today. The first office birthday party I attend started with a prayer. My goodness in a government office I thought! Emails of "Praise the Lord" and Thank G-d, and you are in my prayers are quite familiar. One employee is even a ordained minister. Christmas cards abound! Wow you say, this sounds like a great place to work, very meaningful and thoughtful co-workers. This IS the perfect place to work. Therein lies the problem. It's NOT.

As I was hanging up the 15th Christmas card I had received from my co-workers I noticed only one front of the cards had a religious theme. This struck me and I looked and read the inside of each of the 15 cards. Thirteen of the cards did not mention the true reason for Christmas, one mentioned "being blessed" and one, sadly to say only, one reported the GOOD NEWS, the birth of the baby Jesus. Only one! The real and true reason for the Christ Mass. The birth of the Son of G-d, Jesus Christ, the one who died for us. So sad I mumbled to myself. As I drove home, it was dark, I began to look for Nativity displays. I didn't count because it became apparent quite quickly, many more Santa displays in the front yard than the baby Jesus.

I am not here to criticize anyone. I am only pointing out "The reason for the season" has not been highjacked by the big retail corporations. Many of us, myself included, have willingly let it be gently pulled from our grasp by our willingness to spend more, shop on the Sabbath, outdo last years giving and be certain no one is left out. Have we become Teflon believers? Are we willing to take back control of the most significant event of Christendom. I am. Are you?


Sunday, November 11, 2007


A relatively simple answer comes to mind....because. However we must go farther and explore the question, why what? Today is Veterans Day, a day that every American, black, white, oriental, hispanic, or what ever should be celebrating with great gusto.

Why? Because were it not for many, many young men in the early times of this county and the men and women of later times none of us would be free. Free! Free for what? Free to watch Football, NASCAR, NBA, dog shows, and television channels that sell everything under the sun. But many are not celebrating this day. They are sitting on their butts doing what they do every Sunday. Have they forgot what this day is? Do they not care that thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen have fought and died so they can sit on their butts! Do they not remember there are currently 165,000 young people who are in "Harms Way" so the people can sit on their butts and watch TV 364 days a year. Can't they give up one lousy day for every red blooded American to stand up and shout from the highest hill, THANK YOU, Veterans!!! Thank you for giving me Freedom, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and everything else that goes along with living in this wonderful county.

Can't we give one hour in our church to sing "Onward Christian Soldiers, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, or God Bless America!" Can't the minister, preacher, rabbi, or imam shout from the pulpit, THANK YOU GOD, for this wonderful county called The United States of America!
Why, why when so much is at stake with our lives and freedoms do we not have the spirit and intestinal fortitude to stand up and be counted.

Why? Because.

Because what has made this county so great is what will tear it down. We try to protect everyone. We try to give the same freedom to everyone. We try to include everyone. We try, we try and we try. Many folks look for Utopia. People, there is no place on earth by that name. Only can we hope to achieve an all inclusive world outside this world. Don't waste your energy looking for someplace that doesn't exist. For now as you draw your next breath of life in The United States of America, believe and know you are as close to Utopia as you will get in this world.

Thank you Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen,

Thank you so very much for your sacrifice.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I had a thought today. Not surprising since I am a man of conscience and spirit. The thought actually came as a result of a joke I recently read that has been around the Internet about a million times. It goes like this: Why do Americans park on driveways and drive on freeways, why do people who live in the city buy off road vehicles and they never take them off the road?

This got me thinking. I work for a major retail store and watch customers come in all day long and buy things they really don't need. Why is that. Why do Americans buy off road vehicles and they never drive them off the road. They are much to shiny and no scratches anywhere on them. Why do women wear the current style of shoe with no heels in them. My daughter tells me women actually pay more money for less shoe.

I believe it is because we are the greatest county in the world but, have gone overboard with our material wealth. I don't advocate giving all this up mind you, I just think we should be more practical. Perhaps that is what has happened to us. We have lost our practicality. It is more important to impress our neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives than drive vehicles that get us from point "A" to "B" and wear shoes that feel more comfortable and fit our feet correctly.

Not that my observation is going to change the world of fashion or is the purchase of off road vehicles going to bottom out sending the auto makers into bankruptcy. Why do we do this? It's is like I said just an observation.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Things for me and maybe you

This is all very interesting for me I am finally in to the 90's. Not too far behind some in the world and ahead of some. I have just realized my opinions, thoughts and ideas can be posted, saved, and "heard" around the world. This is my first attempt at blogging and posting my thoughts. For those of you who read this I will give you a little background on where I am coming from. This is not a Red blog, a Blue blog, a conservative or liberal blog. It is meant to be a Blog of Common Sense. It will be open to all those who wish to respond with some basic ground rules. No cussing, no swearing, no hate postings and no personal attacks. If you care to respond state you reason for your thoughts and be factual and back them up with facts and stats. This is meant to be a blog of ideas and discussion. No one will be right, and no one will be wrong. An exchange of ideas, period. Try to keep it upbeat and not dwell on the trivial. Good Night for now.