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We sleep safe in our beds at because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Blank Check

A Hero is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a
blank check,

Payable to: "The United States of America "

Amount of: "Up to and including my life."

For: Freedom and Democracy

Signed: Every Soldier, Sailor, Marine & Airman

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick Trip and Too Short

We are back at the ranch after a quick trip to Fayville. I find the trip exciting going down but forever coming back. Children are meant to leave the nest, not the forest in ABNMOMMA'S words. I must agree with her.

The opportunity to post just wasn't available while we were there. We got in late and slept late Saturday morning throwing the schedule completely off. Oh, I really hate that. Finally, on Saturday Jacob and I went to Fort Bragg and just drove around looking at the various areas, monuments, memorials, new barracks, you get the picture. We did a little talking, well a lot of talking, as we toured. He is a good child. He goes there ever day and yet when dad comes to visit off we go to the post. He said it reminded him of when we lived in Wilmington NC and every relative that visited us had to visit the Battleship North Carolina. Personally, I could go there again and again and again.

He informed me I was still a "leg" as we toured the 505 PIR area. I still haven't totally said no to a jump. That might not qualify me for Airborne Wings, but it might get him off my butt about being a "leg". When I was in the Army Security Agency in the 60's my CO told me the government had just spent a small fortune sending me to school for a year and he wasn't signing off for me to break my leg and get a medical discharge. I didn't argue even though it would have meant a whopping $50 per month.

He informed me he now felt equal to his grandfather who fought in WWII as he (Jacob), had now jumped in to Sicily, Normandy, and Omaha (?). I don't know why this is so special. His grandfather, my dad, was in the Philippines and Burma during WWII and WAS A LEG! I think he was just remembering his grandfather who loved him and was a great role model for him as he grew up. They shared many a fishing trip and fishing story while Jacob was growing up. Some of them, .......well let's just leave it at that.

I got to him to pose for a couple of pictures and am going to try to post them when I get the dodad I need to download them from my cameraphone to my computer. He is not really smiling just a grin but that's not bad for a rough tough AIRBORNE guy.

'Bout the only other thing of note was the fact I thought we were going to be asked to leave The Golden Coral where we took everyone for dinner Saturday night. I lost count of how many times the grandkids went back for ice cream and sprinkles. Thank goodness there is no limit. I will admit they did eat a decent meal before they laid siege to the ice cream machine.

Touched base on most of the blogs I follow and those of you who follow me. Will try to get some comments on later in the week. Gotta go to the Docs in the AM and the BOE (Board of Election) for a training class in the afternoon. Where in the world did I ever find time to go to work. Retirement is wearing me out! Oh well, someone has to do it! Right Subvet.

Clik here for a good read on Abortion by my friend at Blowing San # 1

Please pray for our troops we still have 100,000+ fight the GWOT

Friday, October 10, 2008

Southbound and Down

Just a brief post before we go SOUTHBOUND to Fayville. HOOOAH. The boss has a four day weekend and Jacob has a four day pass. Can't leave this chance go by. Retirement has it's advantages.

On the military side of it. I got a text message sent yesterday morning saying "look for me at noon, I'll be knees in the breeze". So like all good parents I went out on the porch, looked south at noon, and waved. I don't know if he saw me or not. Next text message I got simply stated and I quote, "I'm still alive" Nice news to get from your kid. He called his mom shortly afterward and said he had a nice soft landing which is always good! I don't know if he got to use the new chutes they are getting but will ask when I get there.

Hopefully, next post will be from Fayville, and who knows, maybe I can get him to hold still and smile for a good picture.

That's all folks,

God Bless America! It's the best damn place in the world to live, bar none!!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hope It Doesn't Rain!

Just got of the phone with "Jr", Jacob, down in Fayville. All seems to be going well, kids are driving parents nuts, wife is shopping and Jacob is trying to watch multiple games without split/screen. Welcome to parenthood!

As was posted on fellow blogger The One Percenters @ both Sgt. Mark and Specialist Jacob missed the next deployment to Iraq. Thank you Lord! That's the good news. Of course the bad news is some other parents have to worry when their young warriors are sent to the war zone in the Global War on Terror.

ABNMOMMA and I are leaving Friday for Fayville. A short visit and perhaps just a smidgen spoiling of the grandchildren. This IS our right and mom and dad don't really mind as we don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like. Even though I have retired from my county job I still work for the world's largest retailer 20 to 25 hours a week. ABNMOMMA says this will keep us from getting divorced after 31 years of marriage. She works from home and if both of us there all day and night she says,it would be stressful. For her maybe, but I can sit for hours and watch the History Channel, Dirty Jobs, and the re-runs of M.A.S.H.However, like another blogger, Subvet, at She must be obeyed. Hey! I haven't stayed married 31 years and learned nothing!

Back to Fayville. Jacob and his unit are heading to the "field" for a little practice this week. He is overjoyed after spending 15 months in the field in Iraq. But, he approaches it with all the excitement of a root canal. Led by his "smoke" who also approaches it with all the excitement of smashing your finger with a hammer. Jacob agrees that is what they do and must, for them to return safely from the next mission they are sent on. Train, Train, Train, Once they are honed razor sharp, some politician, who most likely knows nothing about war or the military will dispatch them to a place far from their home, wives/husbands, children and the rest of their family. There they will do the work that only a few can and are willing to do. I just wish the damn, (sorry Chaplains) politicians would stick to screwing up Washington, they do an excellent job at that, and leave the wars to the people that know best how to do it.

On this trip my only military plan is to try to visit and hear preach an Army Chaplin I have had the honor of emailing with for the past 18 months. The last time I was down to Fayville he wasn't preaching on Sunday. Maybe my luck will change this time. If not at least I hopefully will get to see and visit him prior to his deployment in November. Jacob's "battle buddy" Kody is in Ranger training and I won't be able to see him as he is basically incommunicado until his training is complete. Hopefully we'll see him the next time.

I have an uncontrollable urge to make a political statement at this time, about who would you rather be in a firefight (foxhole) with a moose huntin' hockey mom or a man who supports killing innocent unborn babies. I won't because that is not what this blog is about. You can pick up my political comments @

If you have made it this far you have had the opportunity to listen to some music I have posted. Of course it is all patriotic. I have tried to mix it up a little as I like different types of music and hope you do too. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the post and music.

God bless America and our military who keep us safe from harm

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conservative Outrage

Getting real busy in retirement so please read my post at .