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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

National Prayer Day

May 1, 2008
National Day of Prayer

Have you heard this on the news? Have you heard it at work? Have you read it in the newspaper? I think not! Folks, let me tell you I have heard more hoopla over Sweetest Day, Grandparents Day, and St. Patrick's Day. What gets me is only a portion of this great county we live in can celebrate these days. Never heard of Americans from Italy celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the same zeal as my Irish friends...have you? Mom and Dad don't celebrate Grandparents Day 'cause they have their own days to celebrate. What I am getting at is what has got to be one of the most important days of the year and nobody seems to be celebrating it, or at least a very few. This is not just Catholic Day, Jewish Day or even Muslim Day or Baptist Day. We in America what ever faith we are can certainly celebrate National Day of Prayer.

Why aren't the
TVstations announcing it or the newspapers printing it. Hey America! National Day of Prayer!! One day every free American can celebrate. C'mon folks for once in your life do something a little different perhaps, say a prayer. I know my G-d won't mind receiving an extra one or two and I am sure the Jewish G-d, and the G-Ds of the other faiths will have some time to listen also.

Some may say this is blasphemy because there is only one G-d, but I think you get my point. Take a moment, ask a friend or relative or for goodness sakes someone you don't even know. Give thanks for living in the GREATEST county on Earth, The United States of America. And, while you're at it you might just remember the 140,000 young men and women in the military currently fighting to keep us free and safe, giving us the chance, without fear of reprisal, to pray any doggone place we want.
Better yet, call your local TV and radio station and ask them where the coverage on National Day of Prayer is. I think I will. So in keeping with my thought of National Day of Prayer I, ABNPOPPA, am going to pray now for all of you and the soldiers, and the leaders of all the countries, and people of all faiths for a better tomorrow......Will you say a prayer for someone now, here's your chance.........

G-d Bless,



MightyMom said...

ummm gonna link to this one!

Julie said...

Well our town made a big deal out of it! As well as the next town south. Annoucements in the paper, on the radio. And in today's paper wonderful coverage on the gatherings!

Check out The Time's Reporter, New Philadephia, OH 44663. I was impressed!

ABNPOPPA said...

That's wonderful Julie, I wish more towns would have done likewise.