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Monday, June 30, 2008

General Electric, Who do you Support?

This just really upsets me! I would use stronger words but my mother taught me better. It is OUTRAGEOUS! I heard it on O'Reilly again last week and it triggered something in the ol' grey matter. I finally found it and can't believe it is happening. It was originally reported in January of this year and apparently continues.

Several of us bloggers have sons currently serving in the GWOT, Global War on Terror. It has been reported that General Electric continues to do business with Iran. This after it has been proven that Iran continues to train, fund, and equip terrorists in Iraq.

Why this information is not aired in a big way is beyond me. On the O'Reilly show he stated that several states have divested all interests in investments in Iran. Has your state, or your, pension fund? Have you contacted your Congressman or Senator to find out why they have allowed this to continue? This is truly a "do nothing congress" and as long as our sons and daughters fight for this county major corporations in this county need to put their lives before the stockholders interest. If it weren't for our sons and daughters there wouldn't be any company or stockholders.

Boycott General Electric in everything and every way you can.

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