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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time for Some Good News

As our young warriors continue to train for their next engagement some good things are happening. You won't catch this on the major networks. It doesn't involve mayhem, gore (not Al), or an anti-American spin. It is up to your humble blogger to bring it to you. I heard on the radio our brother Marines are giving up security in Anbar Province effective the end of this week. The Iraqi Security Forces will take over and protect their homeland. If you remember, the major networks made nightly news of Anbar as it was an AQI stronghold. Gee, where are the major nets now that the surge has turned the tide and the ISF are up to speed. This post is not about that. I just threw it in for free, which means no extra charge to read it. (Smile, I am) You do have to wonder though, why are the major networks not reporting GOOD happenings in Iraq?

Posts can go on and on but I just wanted to take us, you and me, away from the boring programing that has been on EVERY TV channel this week. Thank goodness for The History and The Discovery Channel. Not to be one sided, I am certain it will be the same way next week but, I still have two channels worth watching and I have to mow the grass.

For some good news clik on this link.

See what IS happening in Iraq. This is just a small part of what our brave warriors have accomplished since they have been there. I must put in a plug for Specialist Jacob who was home last weekend. During his deployment in Baghdad he told me part of the 15 months his unit was there they rebuilt and re-furbished 3 schools for girls.They also were with the Corp of Engineers when they built a water pumping station for irrigation of farmland so the Iraqis could begin farming in the region. For some good news from Iraq, like I said clik on the link.
Kids are kids the world around.

Have a wonderful Labor Day and don't forget the young men and women who protect our FREEDOM.

God Bless America, America, Bless God


MightyMom said...

glad your soldier was home for a bit.

enjoy your weekend Pops

How about that VP???

(ick, am sick to death of the refusing to eat lunch till the break room is EMPTY and I can turn off the TV in favor of Treasure Island. They have abandoned the ship.....all hopes rest on the good doctor.

Airborne dad said...


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kbug said...

Ahhh, good news that is, as usual, not reported by the media. It must have really galled them to admit that the surge made a difference. As usual, though, our troops keep on keeping on, doing their jobs despite the negative coverage. It will, however, be a great day when the job is done and all our troops can come home..... :)