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Friday, September 19, 2008

Soldiers, Some Young, Some Old, Some Gone

This post is dedicated to the family and friends of Harley Edward Huston.

Harley Edward Huston
September 13,2008

Soldiers, some young, some old, some gone. This post is dedicated to one who has left us this past week. You don't know him but you know of him and 16 million just like him. He is a World War II Veteran. On September 13, 2008 Harley Edward Huston's spirit left his worldly body to soar to the heavens and be with God. Although I didn't have a close relationship with Mr. Huston I know his daughter, grandaughter and son-in-law. By knowing them I feel I knew him.

Harley Huston represents what has become almost a forgotten generation. NOT because his generation did nothing of importance but, because they are passing on. Mr. Huston's generation lived through the Great Depression, fought bravely on 2 war fronts, freed millions of Europeans that had been overrun by the German war machine and island hopped to Tokyo, Japan, one bloody island at a time. Yes, they invented the Atom bomb but they also cured the crippling disease of Polio. Their hard work and perseverance built this county in to what it is today. The BEST county on the face of this earth. Harley Huston and his generation set the standards for our military to be the best in the world and set the American lifestyle to be the best in the world.

This is a generation that according to a Fox News Report of May 24, 2008 are dying at the rate of 1000 per day. According to Fox, they were once 16 million strong and now number approximately 2.5 million. Many of these veterans are still around. You see them in the parks, in the Wal-Mart stores and in the Veteran Day parades. The next time you see a veteran and you will know the the WWII veterans. They are the ones with gray hair, gnarled hands, some are a little stoop shouldered and their eyes get teary when the National Anthem is played. Just quietly and gracefully say, Thank you sir, thank you for my freedom and what you sacrificed for me.

Mr. Huston, with respect, I salute you. God Bless. For prayer clik on Psalm 23


MightyMom said...

great tribute!

made me miss MY WWII vet.

kbug said...

Yes, we are losing them so quickly and it breaks my heart every time. I lost my uncle on Memorial Day last year and wrote a special tribute to him and his brothers, one of which is my dad. That was a special time...