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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick Trip and Too Short

We are back at the ranch after a quick trip to Fayville. I find the trip exciting going down but forever coming back. Children are meant to leave the nest, not the forest in ABNMOMMA'S words. I must agree with her.

The opportunity to post just wasn't available while we were there. We got in late and slept late Saturday morning throwing the schedule completely off. Oh, I really hate that. Finally, on Saturday Jacob and I went to Fort Bragg and just drove around looking at the various areas, monuments, memorials, new barracks, you get the picture. We did a little talking, well a lot of talking, as we toured. He is a good child. He goes there ever day and yet when dad comes to visit off we go to the post. He said it reminded him of when we lived in Wilmington NC and every relative that visited us had to visit the Battleship North Carolina. Personally, I could go there again and again and again.

He informed me I was still a "leg" as we toured the 505 PIR area. I still haven't totally said no to a jump. That might not qualify me for Airborne Wings, but it might get him off my butt about being a "leg". When I was in the Army Security Agency in the 60's my CO told me the government had just spent a small fortune sending me to school for a year and he wasn't signing off for me to break my leg and get a medical discharge. I didn't argue even though it would have meant a whopping $50 per month.

He informed me he now felt equal to his grandfather who fought in WWII as he (Jacob), had now jumped in to Sicily, Normandy, and Omaha (?). I don't know why this is so special. His grandfather, my dad, was in the Philippines and Burma during WWII and WAS A LEG! I think he was just remembering his grandfather who loved him and was a great role model for him as he grew up. They shared many a fishing trip and fishing story while Jacob was growing up. Some of them, .......well let's just leave it at that.

I got to him to pose for a couple of pictures and am going to try to post them when I get the dodad I need to download them from my cameraphone to my computer. He is not really smiling just a grin but that's not bad for a rough tough AIRBORNE guy.

'Bout the only other thing of note was the fact I thought we were going to be asked to leave The Golden Coral where we took everyone for dinner Saturday night. I lost count of how many times the grandkids went back for ice cream and sprinkles. Thank goodness there is no limit. I will admit they did eat a decent meal before they laid siege to the ice cream machine.

Touched base on most of the blogs I follow and those of you who follow me. Will try to get some comments on later in the week. Gotta go to the Docs in the AM and the BOE (Board of Election) for a training class in the afternoon. Where in the world did I ever find time to go to work. Retirement is wearing me out! Oh well, someone has to do it! Right Subvet.

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Please pray for our troops we still have 100,000+ fight the GWOT


Airborne dad said...

Sorry you had to leave. It's always tough. I agree with Mom's comment about leaving the nest but the not forest.

MightyMom said...

nothing wrong with being a leg....gotta land on something!

glad you had a good time

Jungle Mom said...

Oh what joy! I was wondering where you had been. What a great son!Please know we appreciate his service.
OK, my husband has been working with several officers here in the Paraguayan Air Force. He actually has been able to meet with THE commanding general of the Par. Air Force. I say all this to tell you that he, my hubby, has been offered for all of us to jump!
And I feel obligated to do it...I can't be a wimp about it...right????

ABNPOPPA said...


What a wonderful opportunity. The chance to jump I mean. I am still up in the air, (bad pun, intended) but if Jacob says let's do it. Off we go into the wild blue yonder! In the 82nd, a jump involving a foreign county is a coveted jump. You get special jumps wings for it. A little ego trip so to speak.


Christopher's mom said...

I would be honored to be added to your site. Thank you so much for the comments that you left on Christopher's blog. We are very proud of him.
And please Thank your son for his service and send him best wishes from me.

Arkansas Army Mom