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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Election Day is about over. In a way I am glad regardless of the outcome. I do have a horse in this race as you all know. The only person I blog with that may not be receiving relentless phone calls is JM. Her husband's post was about the best I have ever read about any election. If you haven't read it, you should. Clik. It truly puts life in perspective.

NOW for my stuff. Specialist Jacob and his section certified last week and they got basically a 3 day pass. He was excited as he got to stay home and do some yard work! Since returning from Iraq he has jumped I think 3 times maybe 4 all without major problems. Makes me happy and him REAL happy. Went to some type of First Aid training and learned how to start an IV. Made his mother happy as she is a nurse. I am not sure about the guys/gals he had to stick to learn how to do this. Will get back to you on this.

NOW for the really good stuff. I love the ARMY. After spending 15 months in Iraq most of the time in beautiful, exotic, Baghdad and driving mile after mile on roads and streets pock marked with IED explosions and more possible IEDS, the ARMY is sending him to ....., and the answer is.....DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL!

You just gotta love the ARMY.

Equally as important on the Driving School is my daughter, Sarah. She has informed us she is expecting a baby around December 5th (this year). Thank goodness, all this time I thought she was stealing basketballs from the Wal-Mart store I work at part-time. This will be number four and I don't know how many more. They don't believe in finding out the sex before the baby is born but ABNMOMMA says "she's carrying that baby in the front, it's a boy for sure". After 31 years of marriage I have learned one thing. Don't argue with the Queen!

Finally it is a beautiful day here and I have the windows open and the sun is shining. I wish this could last until April and then warm up. Alas, the Ohio winter will be upon us and I will be depressed until the spring when I can get out and back into my garden.

We live in the best country in the world. I hope you have done you your patriotic duty and privilege and voted. If not, there is still time. Do It!


MightyMom said...

So she waited till a month before the baby's due to tell you about it?? Goodness, how'd she do that?? I never could keep quiet for more than about an hour!!!

Congrats GrandPops!! :-)

Defensive driving hahahahahahah

ABNPOPPA said...


Well, actually it was a little sooner than that. I kinda guessed since this is number 4. Big hint was when the 5 year old said, Momma's gonna have a baby, but it's a secret.

Airborne dad said...

Congrats, granddad.

Today, the sun is finally out after two weeks of backhanded nor'easters. I wish I could keep this day until April too. (we actually get a change of seasons in North Florida).

Glad Jacob is doing well. With Mark's legs he has not been able to jump.

The Army has given him a driver's license and now he can legally drive a humvee. I agree. Gotta love the Army.

Jungle Mom said...

I will have to sow my husband your link to his post!
And Congratulations!