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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Folks it was a quick but wonderful trip to the Home of the 82nd AIRBORNE. Nothing compares to Fort Bragg and the men and women stationed there. My apologies this is late but I was doing something nearly every minute. Really I didn't have that many minutes to start with. I got in about 2000 hours Friday night. Visited with Jacob and family for a couple hours then headed for the motel. Arrived there about 2200 hours. Showered, shaved and turned on the tube and, and, AND I COULDN'T GET TO SLEEP!!! Keep in mind I get up at 0400 hours to go to the Big W by 0500 hours. I should have crashed like North Korean missile launch! About 0230 hours I finally got sleepy and turned the tube off and dropped off to Never, Never, Land. Not Neverland Ranch!

Do I sleep until noon. Heck no! The ol' bod is use to getting up at 0400 hours and that's what it did. Do you have any idea what there is to do in Fay'ville at 0500 hours on a Saturday morning? Not a whole lot, that's for sure. After waking the rest of the clan up Jacob and I went to breakfast/lunch by the time he got moving. Some nice conversation and then back to the hotel. Fort Bragg had a concert with a country and western fellow, I don't remember his name and the Golden Knights descended. Oohs and Awes coming from everyone. They signed autographed pictures for what seemed like hours.

Then came the salute. About 8 howitzers lined up and as every state in the Unions name and nickname was called the state flag was marched out and a cannon fired off. The crowd cheered as their states name was called. That was the good part. Every state received a huge round of applause that was only drowned out by the roar of the cannon. America Proud.

On to the fireworks which were pretty darn good if you ask me. Although having seen more than a couple of displays I was not hanging on each thump, whoosh, and bang like the little kids. It was a very good evening. Home for Jacob and family and back to the hotel for yours truly. A little better sleep this night as everything seemed to be catching up.


Sunday and the party. Sgt. Anderson, who will be referred to by his Christian name, Kody, was kind enough to have a little 5th of July get together and I was cordially invited. There is nothing quite like a party where the main game is "beer pong" If you know what that is, OK. If you don't your are probably better off. Kody did the grilling and the section guys and their wives did the chillin'. His bacon wraps were fantastic. I know because I ate more than I should have. His wife Nicole, made Sgt. Taggart and me her Asian Salad. We both like it......A LOT! Sgt. Taggart was kind enough to respect my senior years and allowed me to get my second helping first. Good thing too. After he got his there just wasn't much left.

The evening broke up about 2300 hours with most people leaving and going home. Of course there are always the selected few who wish to continue their partying ways. With the help of two other designated drivers this group was taken to a nice small neighborhood tavern. Which I understand they helped close up at quittin' time. I was a little out of place and made a diplomatic exit after depositing Specialist Jacob there. That was quite a reversal of previous times when I would pick him up at a watering hole, not drop him off. We both got a good laugh from that one.
I do believe I felt better on Sunday morning than he did.

Bottom line it was a wonderful time and we got to spend some time together talking about ABNMOMMA which I think was good for him. I was lucky enough to have my grandson Michael come home with me just like in the past. He was very diplomatic saying he didn't care if I couldn't cook as well as grandma, we could just eat out more often. From the mouths of babes, go figure.

Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

God Bless America and our wonderful brave warriors!



Airborne dad said...

Awesome, Pops. Sounded like a great weekend.

MightyMom said...

so glad you had a good time!

so, how've you put the boy to work so far?