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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Damn, Wait and see for another day!

I just finished listening to President Obama make his speech from West Point.    I see the pundits on TV are all ready slamming the President's  plan.  From a strictly personal point of view it has taken  him 3 months to make this decision so I will give myself a couple of days to digest it. I wasn't motivated to the point of standing up and cheering his speech and was turned off by his several references to the previous administration as failure there.  That had nothing to do with the mission at hand. I felt it unnecessary and low class.

I have spent most of the day searching the web and blogs and news sources for solid units for deployment info but have found none I feel creditable enough to say Specialist Jacob is going or staying.  Damn, wait and see for another day!  I really don't want to put my Google earth to work again,  I don't really want to have Reuters and other world news media on my favorites to monitor war news, and I really don't want to search the DOD web site for soldiers I might have met. I sure as hell don't want to wait out the dreaded "unidentified soldier, pending notification of next of kin".  These are all things parents, wives, husband's and love ones go through when "their soldier" deploys.

Like all parents and love ones we will deal with it the best way we can and pray for our soldier as we pray for all soldiers in harms way.  God Bless America and those who defend our freedoms.

They call me Pops


AirmanMom said...

Thank you for this post, from the mom of 2 Airmen!

ABNPOPPA said...


I see you were up with the chickens like me this morning. Some nights it doesn't pay to get in the bed. Thanks for commenting and G-d Bless your Airmen!


We continue to wait.

Airborne dad said...

Hey Pops,

I will send you an e-mail with what little I know. I completely understand your frustration and I fervently pray that Jacob won't be deploying any time soon.