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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dozing on a Sunday Afternoon

The first thought might be, so,  I do that too.  Sounds like a good idea.  No NASCAR race, by the way, Kyle Busch won Saturday night for the first ever Tri-fecta in NASCAR history.  You know how you are dozing and you hear something but can't quite make it out or wake up.  That's what happened to me yesterday.  I heard something and couldn't make it out and couldn't seem to wake up.  I continued to struggle, hmmm a vehicle, ....a a truck.  Open eyes, barely......shadow walking by window. More awake.  Shadow stops and appears to be looking in to the house.  Weapon,  burglary on a Sunday afternoon.  Shadow approaches the door and stops.  Damn, no weapon,  Shadow trys the door knob, thank heavens I locked the door.  I peak out.....hmmm, M/W, slender build, black T-shirt turning around as if looking to see if someone is watching.  Blood pressure and heart rate rapid and still know weapon.  OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE!  I grab the door knob, jerk open the door and.......................................................


Excuse my use of the military phrase, WTF!  are you doing home! Was my first words to him. 

Well hi dad, as he steps into the freshly decorated and painted living room,  I really like it!  Those are his first words.  My warrior is home!  Home on leave until he goes back to Fort Bragg on Sept. 23, to complete processing and be discharged.  Life is good.

Another more informative post to follow after I get over the shock.  I guess I should explain, he missed his home Friday because of  de-briefings and our best guess work was for maybe Wednesday.  Thanks to his 1st Sargent, who sign papers for him on  a Sunday morning.  



MightyMom said...



finally, someone to keep you OUT of trouble! ;-)

ABNPOPPA said...

I am waiting on the Happy Dance to be posted at your blog. Ya, he will keep me out of trouble. Nah! IT'S DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!!

I am sure Gretchen is having heart palpitations at this very minute just thinking of Jacob and I together and no one to put the brakes on! Oh my!

Bag Blog said...

I saw one of your comments over at Mud Puppy's and thought I'd visit. What a great day for droppin in - the day your son comes home! That is really awesome - redeem the time and enjoy.