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Saturday, March 8, 2008


For those of you who have read my thoughts, rantings, and raves I thank you. For those of you who have not maybe you are better off. I come to ask, oh boy here it comes, HELP! No I don't need money,you are off the hook. If you have read my first post I say this is not a red blog or blue blog. I just try to make it a blog that on occasion will be interesting, make people think and comment. Therefore give me information I may not have (aka comments).

We are currently in the midst of a a very long (winded) presidential campaign. Too long in my ever so humble opinion but, that's another story. Here's where I need your help. My candidate for the highest office in this land dropped out! Now I have to decide between currently 3 people, but in November 2 people. I am looking for why or why not to vote for a particular candidate. If you haven't all ready figured it out I am not a straight line party guy. I vote for the person whom I think will be the best for the America, not personally for me. My thoughts are if it's good for America, it's probably good for me. That is OK for me.

Being a male, sometimes chauvinist pig, ladies first. Sorry Gloria S. I ain't changing at this age!

Hilary Clinton: Don't really know much about the woman save what I hear and read. She's about my age, which is good. Don't need too young or too old of a president. She likes giving everyone health care. That is good. Being associated with the medical profession for over 30 years I don't know any person who has not received medical treatment when they really needed it. Who's going to pay for the health care? She stood by her man during some pretty tough times. That says to me she is capable of making a commitment and standing by it. Why she was so committed on that one I am not sure. She really has never managed anything that I know of, that's not good. She's a US Senator that, isn't a recommendation in my book.

Barack Obama: Don't really know much about him either. First time Senator with no significant mention of his record in the Senate. Seems to like to make people feel good. I have heard his speeches about raising minimum wages, that would be nice. If I pay a stock person at Wal-Mart more money to stock the shelves doesn't that make the cost of the merchandise go up? He got an endorsement from Louis Farrakhan, but rejected it. That seems reasonable. He doesn't place is hand over his heart during the National Anthem (saw the video). He doesn't wear a flag lapel pin. I don't wear a Flag lapel pin however, I am not running for the Presidency of the United States. If he wore it for political purposes that wouldn't be good. By not wearing it he shows commitment, that's good. He's a US Senator that, isn't a recommendation in my book.

John McCain: The first thing that comes to my mind is "war hero". My heart goes out to him for all he has suffered. Is being a "war hero" a qualification for the most powerful post in the world? He's from Arizona, never been there, hear it's got a lot of sand and is pretty hot and dry. I don't know what his management qualifications are. I will interject the thought, doesn't being President of the United States require some management experience? None of the candidates have any that I see. Some of the people say he's too old. Experience is not bad. My father-in-law is 76 and sharp as a tack. He doesn't always go along with party lines. Is that good or bad? Commitment keeps coming to mind. Is that good or bad? He's a a US Senator that, isn't a recommendation in my book.

Folks, there is my dilemma. Can you help me? I really would appreciate you comments and opinions. Now how many people ask you for your opinion?


MightyMom said...

shoot em all,let God sort em out.

sorry, but you asked!

actually this time around it's the lesser of the evils. I will send Subvet over as this is more his line than mine, but my ha'penny's worth is this.

Obama is scary. Freaky scary. He has consistently voted FOR partial birth (late term) abortions. This is true evil in my mind. If you want details I can happily give them, but you can probably get them from Airborne Momma just as easily. Therefore he's off my list immediately. The fact that he wants to "negotiate" with terrorists is another reason to dump him...but it's second.

Hillary ain't much better. Free health care?? Please!! We already have that! No matter if you have any means of payment or not every hosp in the country is OBLIGATED to give you care. So who does this help?? and, as you said, who's gonna pay? In Subvet's words, "The government can't get the MAIL delivered in a timely, cost effective manner what makes you think they'd do well in charge of PEOPLE'S LIVES??" Next, Hillary is totally UNQUALIFIED for the position. As I have frequently said on other blogs...she's no more qualified to be president than I am qualified to repair submarines (which my husband did for 22 years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club)

McCain???? he's old. As Subvet says (I told you this was his demain) We'd better look pretty closely at who he chooses as a running mate as they're a heartbeat away from the office.

But I'll tell you this of my own opinion.....

I had a Political Science Professor in college say that the "issues" are irrelevant. The only real difference between Dems and Reps is whether you want a powerful central govt (Dems) or powerful state govts (Rep) and he recommended deciding on that then voting by party lines from there.

I would temper that with weighing in the candidates' spirituality, as far as we know. One of the things I have always admired about Bush is that he stands firm on his faith and stands by the decisions he makes. I don't agree with all of the decisions but none of them are surprising if you've followed him for long.

Here is a good post you might enjoy.....

Subvet said...

Hey Poppa, just my opinion but McCain should get your vote for no other reason than his 0% NARAL rating. As far as the other two candidates, Obama never met a fetus he wouldn't abort and while Clinton isn't as bad she comes close enough.

Infantry Dad said...

Vote for Ron Paul.
If you don't mind throwing away a vote to make a point...

Otherwise I'm willing to give the kid a chance.
What the hey he can't mess things up much worse than they are.

He wants to do away with lobbyists and special interrest money.
Now that one might just get him assasinated if he isn't real careful.
I'm not a big fan of socialized medicine.
Though our current system needs a good overhauling.