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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank You.

This post is pre-written and will be posted as soon after BOG (Boots on the Ground) return date for my son, March 17th as possible. Unlike most of my posts is is relatively short but needs to be said.

My wife bore me a son
We gave the war a boy
God gave me back a man
Thank you Lord

To all the people who have supported me and my family and my son for the past 15 months no "Thank you" is enough but, it's the only thing I have to give. Your prayers and support helped me through some very tough times. I wish to name a few of you here and if I have forgotten someone please forgive me.

In no special order

Airborne Dad,, Mighty Mom, texassiren.blogspot. com, Pastor Ed Boston, Dotherighthing, Infantry Dad,, Chaplin Lynn, Pastor (Chaplin,retired) Flesher,, Don and Sue, Uncle Don, St. John Lutheran Church members, Sarah, my daughter, and all the members at Hope Bible Church, Walmart employees, George, Betty, Pat, Patricia, Steve.

Barb F and Dave P of Greencastle. may your sons be safe from harm.

Subvet,, all the kind and wonderful people who have seen my "Proud Parent" lapel pin and asked me to send my thanks to my son. I feel like the people at these dumm award shows on TV. Sarah, my daughter, and all the members at Hope Bible Church, At work, Jennifer, Steve, Mary Mac, my boss, "J", who has put up with my moods (?) , Jackey, Charline, Margene, Teresa, Ian, Mary C, Debbie, Alice and Otto, Charlie C, Darrel, my other brother, Jeff, even if he likes the 20 car, Dayngr,

I have to mention this guy by himself for being one heck of a human being and one hell of a photographer, Andrew Craft, I must tell you why. An exploded IED photo was posted on the net by Mr. Craft. It was near where my son was stationed. I had not heard from my son for a couple of days. I em'd Mr. Craft who was kind enough to em back and tell me NO servicemen had been hurt in the explosion. My anxiety level dropped to zero with his email. Thanks again Andrew. He does great work in my humble opinion.

Finally a special thanks to my daughter-in-law, Ally. What a girl, she bleeds Red, White (opps) and Blue and Army green (?), I am an old guy remember! She has put up with my 15 months of guidance, hmm, and said nary a word. She has been there for "our soldier" All The Way!!

To anyone I forgot I apologize. Thanks to all and

God Bless America


MightyMom said...

wow, I can't believe I made your short list!


am dancing my fool heart out for your family!! and the families of the soldiers that came home with him.

Airbornedad said...

Hope you had an awesome day at Green Ramp. The 82nd always does it right. The march off the tarmac is awe inspiring.

Tell your son a hearty welcome home and a thank you.

The falcons are finally back.

MightyMom said...

you have been tagged.

MightyMom said...


anyone home???????


CyberPastor said...

I linked this on my site as I was updating our military prayer list.