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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time Off, A Terrible Thing to WASTE (ed)

Time off from a rigorous training schedule is a terrible thing to waste. Time off from building concrete forms for industrial and commercial buildings is also a terrible thing to waste. Two brothers who have not seen each other in a long time and both being off for four days is, yep you guessed it, "a terrible thing to waste. Thus begins the saga of an 18 hour, 1000 mile drive from Kansas City to Fayville. Aaron, the elder called the other night and says he is on the way to Fayville from KC. This manly bond can only be duplicated by the bond between a father and son. Which I add was not available at this time. Besides, boys will be boys and there are things dads do not want to become evolved in. They also may not want to know about. You gotta have something to say when they misbehave and if you are with them, you got NO wiggle room.

Aaron arrived safely in Fayville on Wednesday night. Visited with his SIL and niece and nephews until Jacob got home on Thursday. I am not sure how it got started but take an older union construction worker, brother, a younger rough tough AIRBORNE paratrooper bother and somewhere the competitiveness will rear it's ugly head!

Remember when I beat your butt for yada yada yada. Yea, well remember when I did so and so to you. Yada Yada Yada. Hey, I'll drink to that. You get the picture. About 2200 hours Thursday night I get a text from my DIL saying basically glad this only happens once in a great while!

I won't go into the gory details to spare the lady followers of my blog. On Friday morning about 1300 hours I get a text message from Jacob. It wasn't asking for the name of a Bondsman in Fayville thank goodness. Message was "stayed home last night, had breakfast this morning and just put the old man back to bed. Old man referring to Aaron the elder. He can't handle it like he used to! I believe aspirin in mega doses would have been in order.

As I write this post, Aaron, the elder, is on his way back to KC and Jacob is pulling CQ. My daughter in law is most likely in the kitchen, sampling the cooking sherry and thanking the Good Lord, this only happens once in a GREAT WHILE!

Like I said, there are just some things a dad doesn't want to know about or take part in. Oh yes,



MightyMom said...

since when is 1300 MORNING??? goodness, they must have had a good time..........hope they can remember it!

Airborne dad said...

It can be ugly. Unfortunately, it happens in Jax more frequently. It usually starts with Jager bombs (Jagermeister and beer). If one goes down before the other and the other has a Sharpie.....look out! At any rate, things are much calmer since the wedding and Mark has a significant other.

kbug said...

I know what you mean about brothers getting together. When mine get together, it is quite crazy...but wonderful. God help me, I love every minute of it...all the wrestling, arguing in fun, and poking fun at each other. They crack me up. I can't wait till next year when my baby boy returns and I can enjoy watching all three of them act like fools again...just counting the days and loving on my baby boy's baby boy...

Merry Christmas, indeed..... :)

ABNPOPPA said...

Just an FYI it was a very sober Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I don't know what's going to happen tonight in Fayville. I most likely will be sound asleep while ABNMOMMA watches the crystal ball drop!


AirmanMom said...

Happy New Year, Pops!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...