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We sleep safe in our beds at because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I should be happy but I am not. Here's why. The troop withdrawal announcement has just provided the enemy with some very important information. President Obama has used our fine fighting warriors for another photo op. Going to Camp Lejuene and making this televised announcement is just that. A photo op and here's why.

What he said:

Let me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end.

What I read:

Hello Mr. Taliban, I just wanted to let you know you can begin to increase your influence and violence after August 31, 2010. Feel free to increase your attacks on American troops. You see I was suppose to have all troops home in 16 months, well at least that is what I promised. But you know, words, just words. This gives you plenty of time to harass our troops and gain plenty of media to show more carnage and suffering.

What he said:

I intend to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011.

What I read:

If August 31, 2010 didn't give you enough time to plan, let me give you this absolute date. December 31, 2011, got that? Start ramping up your terror campaign for January 1, 2012.

What he said:

The drawdown of our military should send a clear signal that Iraq’s future is now its own responsibility. The long-term success of the Iraqi nation will depend upon decisions made by Iraq’s leaders and the fortitude of the Iraqi people.

What I read:

We don't really need a strong presence in this area of the world. We can just turn it over to a nation with the very beginnings of a military and democracy. So what it took us nearly 200 years to develop into the world's best military power and strongest democracy. Iraq can do it without our continuing help in a couple of years. Israel, oh don't worry about them. I going to through them under the bus just like my grandma and Reverend Wright.

What he said:

The first significant shift could be with the 22,000 Marines in Anbar province, .....The Marines have already tested exit routes through Jordan with plans for a full-scale exodus during the "2010 calendar year," said Terry Moore, deputy assistant chief of staff for logistics for Marine Corps Central Command.

What I read was:

OK, guys, we know where they are going and most likely when they are going. Send out a couple of low key guys and keep an eye on the Marines. Let me know when they start to rampup. I'll start working on the ambush plans.

What he said:

This effort will be led by our new Ambassador to Iraq – Chris Hill. From his time in the Peace Corps, to his work in Kosovo and Korea, Ambassador Hill has been tested, and he has shown the pragmatism and skill that we need right now.

What I read:

Isn't the Peace Corps like a community organizer? Ah yes, the work in Kosovo, great job. Makes you well skilled to handle this minor problem. Another bureaucrat with impeccable record of what? Great job in Korea. Didn't they just launch or promise to launch missiles while our Secretary of State, Senator Clinton, was there? Change is coming to Washington D.C. you have my word on it. Where did I hear that?

I could go on and on, sentence by sentence and dissect what's wrong with the President's speech. I think my humble opinion has been made. Am I happy many of our troops are going to be out of harm's way, of course. What parent or loved one wouldn't. The bigger problem is this.

It was announced! Why in Hell do we have to announce everything! I liken that to the great basketball player Magic Johnson driving hard down the court and just before the famous no look pass going into stop action and saying, Hey, defender, I'm going to look left then pass to the right behind my back. Now what do you think the defender is going to do? I'll blog you, decide.

Why do we have announce everything? Can't we just quietly and with out a bunch of hoopla slowly withdrawal our brave young men and women warriors? Why do we have to make such a big media spectacle of this? Does President Obama not understand the dangerous position he has just put our troops in? Or.....does he not care? Is he THAT beholding to the "far left" code pink and move on .org and the morons that got him elected.

When does a 1st time elected president start to campaign for his second term? The day after he is elected for his first term. That's what this announcement and spectacle is about. Nothing more, nothing less. Re-election at all cost.

To do this to our fine and brave warriors is a CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE.


MightyMom said...

yup, I saw exactly what you saw and it sickened me. I HONESTLY believe that all US presidents should have military experience. Because blunders like this are UNACCEPTABLE and one who understands the battlefield wouldn't commit such atrocities. Wonder what the watercooler chatter in the Pentagon sounds like about now??

AirmanMom said...

pops...your points are all valid. As though times are not scary enough...yep let's get this nation a bit more insecure.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks ladies, This recklessness by this administration only goes to re-enforce my thoughts that they care nothing for the warriors that protect their rights to say and do ridiculous actions.

It just gets me a little "hinkey" That's an Ohio term.


Infantry Dad said...

Pops, Your absolutely correct.
This information should not have been made public.
What should have been said is that there is a viable, sound, exit strategy in effort to end our combat involvement in Iraq.
No date needed be mentioned.
I have found by investigating a little, that what is really happening is that we will continue to have thousands of troops in Iraq for as long as it takes to help their Army and government become proficient enough to fend for themselves. And that a sufficient level of combat troops will remain, but that aggressive combat actions will cease.
I'm of the opinion that as we ramp up action in Afghanistan, Al-Quiada will no longer be an issue in Iraq, choosing instead to follow us North.
I don't believe that they have any interest in Iraq other than to kill Americans.
The tribal issues in Iraq, on the other hand, will never end...
Hope all is well with Jacob?
Thanks for publicity for the petition.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

You know, this reminds me of what I used to see in newspapers and on television when I was a kid. They used to show maps of the location of special rail lines that our military would use to move some of our missiles from one place to another and claim it was "TOP SECRET."

Remember all of the cases years ago of people (American citizens)who were arrested and charged with selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets? Yet you could go to any top university or college library and find all the information you needed to make A bombs.

Only now, Obama is taking the sell-out to the nth degree.