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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Couldn't Be Finer, 'less I was in North Caroliner!!!!

That's right folks couldn't be finer 'less I was in North Caroliner!! Oh my!!! I am in North Carolina!! How did that happen? It was raining and windy in the midwest today and as some of you know I was due for a trip to Florida. ABNMOMMA makes me go nearly every year. Usually in the dead of winter! Sucks! That's what she made me do today. In the wind and rain we left for Florida. I drove all the way to North Carolina to escape the wind and rain. Know what I got? More wind and rain! Where's the sunshine? Where's the warm temperature?

Well back to what could be finer than North Carolina? Din din cooked by a veteran 82nd AIRBORNE PARATROOPER. Grilled chicken and burgers just the way me and momma like em. Cooked long and through over charcoal not some fancy $500 gas grill. I just have to have some ashes and put some carbon in the air to offset Al Gore's energy efficient home!! Just kidding

We got to Fort Bragg/Fayville about 1900 hrs. this evening and by 2000 hrs. we were grillin' and chillin. Good food, good conversation, an adult beverage and some good times. It don't get no better than this. Well maybe some sunshine would help.

The troops including Specislist Jacob are heading for the field on Monday so we are making this a very special weekend. Spoiling the grandkids in 2 days is a tall task. WE CAN DO IT!! Then we're heading out to let the DIL deal with it. LOL LOL.

Seriously folks it was so nice to have Jacob and Ally, his wife, cooking and just going all out for us. We felt like king and queen. Pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert. What more could parents ask for. It makes us very proud to have an AIRBORNE Paratrooper for a son. It makes us very proud to have a son that's an AIRBORNE Paratrooper!

It's after midnight and Pops is getting tired. It was hard to leave their house and return to the motel but....we must. Hmmm, wonder what the motel has for breakfast tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams all,


God Bless our service men and women. They keep us safe and secure.


Airborne dad said...

Hey Pops,

Glad you made it to NC alright. The weather today for Bragg and all the way down here isn't great. We are undergoing what I hope will be the last cold snap of the season...And I am hopeful it will be gone soon. If you are heading to the Keys, you should be fine.

Say hi to Jacob and the family for us.

ABNPOPPA said...


Roger that. Heading for the Ocala in the morning and then to the Keys. Thanks for the weather update. I hope your forcasting is right and this is the last blast. Jacob just called and I passed the message on to him.


MightyMom said...

have fun in fla