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Friday, June 12, 2009

Let George Do It

Before I get started I want to wish Sgt Mark, soon to Civilian Mark Middlebrook a very happy life and good luck with his new college life and puppy Glider. Most of you know Sgt. Mark from his father's blog, The One Percenters. Sgt. Mark is leaving the Army today. Drop over to Sgt./Civilian Mark's blog Outside the Wire and wish him a good life. Congratulations for a job well done and thank you for your service to our country. HOOOOOOAAAAHHHH!

Has you may have noticed this blog has been a little quiet lately. With Specialist Jacob home at Fort Bragg and doing training missions and the like our family has taken a little breather. I would take this time to say that my lovely daughter has taken the time and opportunity to schedule us a little 4th of July trip to Fayville. Now this will be fun. It is the first time I have ridden 8 hours in a van with four children ages 6, 4,2, and 6 months. My son-in-law Jason remarked this will be the first time he has been in a van for 8 hours with me! Just kidding Sarah, just kidding, (
She reads my blogs, when she's bored, I think). Jacob is scheduled to "exit a high performance aircraft at approximately 900 feet altitude" and fall effortlessly to the ground and land on his feet, we hope, on July 4th.

But, that's not why I am blogging today. Ever since Jacob joining the ARMY and got his AIRBORNE wings I have thought about jumping out an airplane. I have a friend who doesn't live far from here with two sons in the ARMY, both AIRBORNE and I am embarrassed to say she has jumped! Every time I see her, usually at the world's largest retailer while I'm working she asks me if I have jumped yet. I beg off and come up with some excuse as to why I haven't. Well today I am MOTIVATED.

Today, at the young age of 85 the First President Bush bailed out of an airplane to celebrate his birthday. Now this guy has got some intestinal fortitude if you ask me. If he can do it I am here to tell you I can do it. When I go to Fayville in July I am going to see how Jacob and I can get together someplace and sometime and give it a shot. NO GUTS, NO GLORY. (
Besides, I am tired of being called a "leg" by him and his buddies!") Maybe I get a little respect like an old guy should get. Then again, maybe I'll get a broken leg! Ouch! Hmmm, Broken leg, time off work, Let me think about this.

God Bless America and our Brave young Warriors


MightyMom said...

nope, gonna buckle my seatbelt and enjoy the flight.

unless she's nosediving I AIN'T jumping!

you just be sure to land on YOUR feet!

MightyMom said...

oh and ENJOY YOUR TRIP...all 8 hours of it


btw, are you flying home? cuz if not,'s 16 hours darling...and who's counting the 16 hours? cuz if that's the time it'd take you alone (or with another adult) to drive then you need to TRIPLE the EDT to accomodate the kids.


I can't wait to hear how this went!

Airborne dad said...

Wow....a jump? That's a heck of a way to celebrate the Fourth. I think I will stay firmly planted on the ground.

Thanks for the shout out to Mark. He's adapting nicely.


MightyMom said...

yupper boss, this one's still up and running.

Love Letters to an American Soldier said...

Wohoo! Good luck. Skydiving is on my list of things to do in life as well. Hopefully Christopher will be the one taking me since he's already done it countless times.

Hope you have a great little vaca in Fayetteville and I hope you boys can take some pictures of your adventure for us to see.

Thanks for the great post!