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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Silly Things Parents Do

I received a text this morning from Jacob. Nothing unusual there. He often texts (?) me during the week. Secretly I think he is checking up on the old guy. Nonetheless I got a text. It was short and sweet so to speak. This is our brief but informative transmissions:

Jacob: Tonight, 2130 exiting another high performance military aircraft, make sure you wave.

Pops: Roger that, don't look down!

Jacob: Never!

Pops: K (For non texters, short for "OK")

Simple enough wouldn't you say. Notice the "make sure you wave" Therein lies the Post Title, Silly Things Parents Do. Go get a beverage, box of popcorn, turn off the TV and tell your spouse you are reading something written by a NUT. Well I am a Buckeye and Buckeyes are nuts!

It started a long time ago in a land far, far way, Georgia I believe is the name of the province, Fort Benning is the name of the hamlet. I received a phone call from PFC Courtright telling me he would be "exiting a high performance military aircraft" at a certain hour. Being the good father I am (I think so and I'm the one that counts for me) I told him I would wave to him as he floated down from the heavenly sky. Of course he thought I was joking and said he would wave back if time permitted. Fat chance he has about, I don't know 20-30 seconds to make sure everything is ok, drop his pack and prepare for the sudden stop. But I ramble.

At the precise hour like all good husbands at the appointed time I am sitting in my Lazy Boy with my remote in MY hand. ABNMOMMA was not allowed to handle the remote if I was home. I exited a high performance civilian Lazy Boy and since our passive solar house faces south, imagine that, walked out on the front porch, looked south, extended my right arm in the air and did a manly beauty queen wave. After about 10-15 seconds I returned to my former position as the King of my castle in my throne and again took up the remote and began to surf.

A puzzled look came over ABNMOMMA'S face. After a short time she couldn't stand it and asked the question, "What were you doing?" I explained in detail of course, it's the manly thing to do. She gave me that wifely look like, what did I marry, immediately put her nose back in the book she was reading and mumble something my ears were not to hear, which they didn't.

Ever since that first "exiting a high performance military aircraft" Jacob has gotten word to me of the jump. I in turn have gone to the front porch at the appropriate time and waved. More often than not shortly afterward I get a message informing me of the quality of the contact with mother earth.

In case you are wondering, yes, I will be on my front porch at 2130 hours tonight, looking south and waving.

Parents do the silliest things.

Tell me/us/the blog-o-sphere about your silly thing with your kid or kids!

They call me Pops


AirmanMom said...

love. this. post.
Yep, we parents do very silly things! I remember a family vacation years ago; the girls came running into the cottage telling me their oldest brother (my firstborn son) was Hang-Gliding! (he was 14 at the time) I was frantic and excited, so I grabbed the camera and took an entire roll of film (prehistoric days prior to digital cameras)...only to be told, it wasn't him! The pictures were all developed with a reminder, 'don't do this to mom again!'

MightyMom said...

I'm pretty silly most of the's hard to think of any one thing!


I'll wave too, that's in an hour.

ABNPOPPA said...

Comom' MM, I know you have something you would like to share! The world is so serious these days we need a little funny to cheer us up.


AM. That's about what happened to me when AIR FORCE ONE circled our house one day a couple of years back. When I finally found my camera all I got was the tail pipe of it. Oh, I was so mad and ABNMOMMA was laughing so hard. I musta looked like a chicken without it's head. Looking back it was funny now, but then I was sooo mad at myself.


MightyMom said...

well, I've posted most of them...but I'll give you a preview of a post for later this week.

I made chocolate milk and put it in an empty, washed bottle of premade Nesquik chocolate milk because my kids will drink the "Bunny Milk" but won't touch the CHEAPER homemade stuff.

How's that for silly???

and yesterday (Sunday) I brought home and cleaned the mussel shells from my Seafood Primavera at Olive Garden because my oldest wanted to look at them...

then there's Momma's sauce=pureed veggies

then there's the lines of tape on the floor during a rainy stretch....

then there's.......

I told ya, I'm just plain silly...period.

Airborne dad said...

I took the kids years ago - Mark was in diapers - to watch a space shuttle launch. We diligently found a good vantage point and waited patiently for the launch. I set my camera on a tripod, aimed my telephoto at the launch pad. Shortly, there was a roar and everyone was screaming...looked through the camera. Nothing. Wrong launch pad. :)

ABNPOPPA said...


That was a good one! I am still chuckling. Mark that one off to a baby in diapers!


kbug said...

Don't tell me it's silly to do things like that...I just assumed everyone did them..... :) That's kind of like when Kevin was learning to fly helicopters. He called to say he was making a cross-country flight with his instructor and would detour over our house in about 30 we immediately ran outside and stood looking up at the sky until he appeared...and then waved like crazy. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what we were looking at for so long..... :)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

As the father of four adopted now grown sons, I have an on-going silly nightly routine. I each night, before I retire for the night, I form a mental image of each of my sons, picture myself giving them a kiss on their foreheads and whisper "goodnight" to them. I do the same for each of my eight grandchildren.

Perhaps that is not so silly, but it is what I do.

ABNPOPPA said...


In no way is that silly. I find it quite refreshing and wonderful. It's good to have good thoughts of ones children before retiring. It makes for better sleep. I think that is grand!