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Friday, October 9, 2009

Where is he NOW!

Ah, that's right fellow bloggers where is the elusive ABNPOPPA? You get two guesses. Keep in mind I just came back from Kansas City visiting Aaron, the elder, and grandchildren. Sarah, the daughter, lives four miles from the homestead. Jacob, the Warrior, lives at Fort Bragg (or where ever Uncle Sam tells him). Well for those who know me well, you guessed correctly. Fort Bragg. Hey! what good is having kids out of state if you can't go bother them once in a while!

Actually, most likely this will be my last trip for a while. My current employer, the world's largest retailer is cutting back hours in preparation for a big Christmas, yes, I said Christmas season. In order to not pay too much to their hard working employees they give us time off. Of course it is just before the season but none the less time off.

Not meant to offend any persons from West Virginia but the turnpike was a mess last night. Rain, trucks, idiots going 75MPH when the conditions dictated about 35. I had a dead man grip on the steering wheel for about 125 miles. Whine, whine my old arthritic hands hurt today from squeezing so hard for hanging on for dear life. Must of had an Angel on board or at least watching over me.

So far on this jaunt we have accomplished nearly NOTHING. Jacob says the ARMY has been working them long and hard. Just to prove his point he took about a two hour nap today. He got a 4 day weekend. Probably because the General knew I was coming. LOL. I tried to outdo him but failed. Tomorrow is Saturday and I WILL TRY HARDER!! We did manage breakfast at the Waffle House and picked up some manly groceries. Pop Tarts, chips, pop, etc. You know real healthy stuff. He mentioned something about mowing the lawn, fortunately, I was able to talk him out of it. It's not knee high yet.

Not sure what's in store for din din but I believe pizza was mentioned however so was BW3. Any body have a coin to toss?

Yo'al have a good weekend, I know I will!



MightyMom said...

what's bw3?

you have a good weekend pops!

I'm working on that post we discussed.

Jungle Mom said...

uhhhhhh no idea pops!
I was wondering if you are familiar with the blogger,Z, of
Her husband died suddenly Friday and I thought of you and that perhaps you might lift her up in prayer as you have so recently gone though this yourself.

Jungle Mom said...

Pops. Thanks!