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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blogging from .....Kansas City


Yes, I know you were expecting to see "Blogging from Fayville" Like I said GOTTCA! As I sometimes do I forget that I have other children besides the Warrior, Jacob. I really am not going to start a blog for each of the 3 children so I will use Mark 1:11 to blog about Aaron, the elder, and his children. Aaron is a carpenter by profession if you call building Target Stores, Bass Pro Shops, Arrowhead Stadium a carpenter, then that is what he is.

He's been a carpenter for about 15 years and lived in Kansas City for about the last 7 years. After soccer games today we went and toured the Bass Pro Shop in Blue Springs Mo. My golly, what they can do with concrete nowadays. On this project, Aaron was charged with doing some major concrete forming projects.

First I don't believe there is a straight line or square section of concrete more than 8 footling. The concrete is about 5 or 6 different colors, has animal tracks and leaf impressions in it and in some places in the store it looks like marble. He told me the smooth effect was because the dried concrete goes through a process where actual diamond dust is used in a grinding wheel to achieve the marble like finish. Another area looks like brown raw slate. Here again the concrete is stained a multitude of brown colors and muriatic acid is applied. Someway, somehow a rough slate effect is achieved.

If you have never been to a Bass Pro Shop it is an experience to say the least. This one has an aquarium with a locally caught catfish that weighed in at a WHOPPING 103 pounds! WOW! There were some other fish in there also but this catfish just dwarfed them. They also had stuffed animals of about every kind from North America. I took some pictures of my grandson Ryan, in front of a couple and hope to post them in the next few days. Tauri, my 5 year old granddaughter was being a little camera shy today. I did manage to get a sneak a couple of piks of her without her knowing, I think.

After the tour of the Bass Pro Shop we went home and watched Ohio State football, and of course my team the Oregon Ducks, It was happy in the house as both teams won. A cookout of dogs, brats, burgers and chips finished off the day. Children and grandchildren are so much fun. What a wonderful day. Now a shower, night-time snack and off to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.*

This post proofread by Ryan, age 10 and a straight "A" student.

I just wanted to let you all know a little more about my youngin's and what they are like.

God Bless America and our brave warriors!



MightyMom said...

woo hoo for good times!!

dude, that catfish would never have made it past my GRILL!! :-)

Airborne dad said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Best to all.

Stephen Adkins said...

Hey bud! Just want to comment since I haven't been in a while.

Sounds like you had fun! I was in Richmond VA this weekend and rain kind of dampenned Saturday but it was a perfect day there Sunday.

Ok bud, call me on Skype or cell.

Jungle Mom said...

I love learning more about you and your family!

AirmanMom said... blessed you are!