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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Been a While

Goodness, I can't believe my last post was January 5th. Some of you probably are quite happy with that. With the post holiday blues here in the house and the new grandson being born, and Specialist Jacob back in Fayville, things are a little slow and quiet.

With the war in Iraq off the front pages, gee I wonder why, (no bad news?) and a new President getting ready to take office, our soldiers have taken a back seat. See what happens when you do something good. The media forgets about you. I wonder sometimes if a person started a "Good News" newspaper (
not in the Biblical sense) but a paper that printed only good news if it would sell. Print only the births, only the high school graduation rates, only the human interest stories that show a positive outlook for mankind. How about a story about what good our troops are doing in Iraq. The schools built and remodeled. Would it sell? Would you subscribe?

Some of you follow the blog Embrace the Suck, written by Mud Puppy. In a recent posting, response #3 to Airman Mom I believe he stated he would go back to Afghanistan basically for the sole purpose of doing more good for the people in Afghanistan. If you have read any of his previous posts you will understand the significance of this statement He does not write like this is his favorite place to be. I believe that is the difference between the American soldier and many other soldiers. Our warriors see the long term, big picture view and not just winning today. Winning in the long term.

I believe that is a view the Israelis have in their current conflict in the Gaza Strip. They are going for a long term solution after giving, and giving, and giving. Over 3000 rockets have been launched into Israel in the past years for no
apparent reason other than to kill innocent civilians. Most of them since Hamas took over. If Mexico or Canada were to do this to the United States I would like to think we would retaliate to protect our citizens also. Fortunately for us our neighbors believe and respect the sanctity of human life unlike Hamas.

My good news for the day is the Queen as been on the net getting our March
vacation travel plans in order. She has us booked at every relatives house we can stay at and then a couple of neighbors.. Nah, just kidding but, we are going thru Fayville on the way to my sister's house in Florida. Then on to her beloved Key West. Ever since she read those books by Hemingway and found out Jimmy Buffet liked Key West we have to go occasionally. This is fine by me. They have the Mel Fischer museum there and I can spend about two months between that and the butterfly arboretum (?). Not much of a beach for her to go to but sand, a books an occasional seagull, and the ocean waves lapping on the shore and she is content. And we all know, when "mommas happy, EVERYBODY IS HAPPY.

Everybody have a great week, month and life and please, please don't forget to pray for our troops.

God Bless America


AirmanMom said...

pops...welcome back! Your words have been missed! It's good to know things are slow and quiet. Sounds like a fun trip you are having planned for you ;)
I pray our soldiers are respected by our new Commander In Chief. I pray hard for this.
Thanks for dropping mudpuppy's name. He is a good soldier and quite the wordsmith! His blog is always an outstanding read.
I wish you and your family a good day!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Airborne dad said...

A Florida swing? That sounds great. March is always a tough month here. First two weeks are generally rainy and cold (in like a lion) and much warmer by the end of the month.

The Keys are a favorite place for us. Mike and Tara are heading down there next weekend for the long weekend.

Haven't been in a couple of years, so I been vacationing by webcam and Keys has several.

I will check out Mudpuppy's blog.


ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for the good wishes guys. I pray our soldiers are respected by our incoming President also. Mud Puppy IS quite the wordsmith for sure.


Tell Mike and Tara to leave a little sunshine there for us in March. March is a little windy here in Ohio also but I figure about 40 degrees difference in temperature is worth the trip. 'Sides I get the museum mostly to myself!


MightyMom said...

um, well the Japs did, and we retalliated in spades..... so to speak. :-)

going to Fla?? can I hitch hike??

ABNPOPPA said...


Sure will meet with you and the crew about Pensacola.:)


kbug said...

Sounds like a fun time in Florida in March. Wish I was going somewhere fun...I could stand a vacation with some pretty has been way too long..... :)