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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hooooaaahh! They Got Some Backbone!!!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Every Republican in the House voted "No" on the stimulus bill. This is a great, but small, victory for Conservatives. A small win in the Pork War of the current administration and Democratically controlled Congress. Now as not to get myself into too much hot water I want to go on record as saying I feel for the people who are hurting with job layoffs, loosing houses, and the like. I don't believe the Federal Government is here to "bail you out" I have seen too many stories of people who have been laid off and started their own business, hunkered down and cut household spending, and did what ever it took. As one man said on TV this morning, When God Give you lemons make lemonade! Start squeezing people, you can do it!

Now on to the good news of the stimulus bill. Eleven, that's right eleven rock solid, America First, Democrats voted against the Bill. These "dirty dozen-one" deserve our support. They are going to catch pure Hell from President Obama, his supporters and other Congressional Democrats. I say SUPPORT these America First Democrats.

They are:

F. Allen Boyd of Florida
Bobby Bright of Alabama
Jim Cooper of Tennessee
Brad Elsworth of Indiana
Parker Griffith of Alabama
Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania
Frank Kratovil of Maryland
Walt Minnick of Idaho
Collin Peterson of Minnesota
Heath Shuler of North Carolina
Gene Taylor of Mississippi

If any of you live in the states these courageous men live in, google their name, call their office, write them a letter and or email them. They need to know Conservatives appreciate their stand against the stimulus bill.

Don't forget to put pressure on your Senator regardless of which party they are affiliated with. With enough support a couple Democrats can help get this bill defeated and more reasonable package up for discussion. Let them know we, Americans, are tired of the Pork!!!

Thank You and God Bless America

*Names taken from Real Clear Politics .com


Citizen Soldier said...

Good for our elected officials and there is one in my area. I will do what you said and thank him. I think more need to stand for there convictions and not there party. Thanks for the blog.

ABNPOPPA said...

Wonderful Citizen Soldier I hope more of my followers do likewise. I heard it on the radio today that these America First Democrats are going to take a beating from their fellow Democrats. Thank you for your service.


AirmanMom said...

Pops...Such an important post! I was shocked to see a rep from Maryland, we are such a liberal state! I will get a thank you e-mail off! Thank you!!!!!