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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Waiting, Waiting and then some Waiting

That's the way the Army goes. Waiting and more waiting unfortunately this time the waiting is at the hospital. That was Thursday morning sometime around 0340 hours. Now the waiting is until Monday morning or later, knowing the Army, most likely later.

Lettuce begin this way. It was suppose to start at 2350 hours Wednesday with Specialist Jacob exiting a high performance military aircraft from approximately 800 feet above the ground. At approximately 2130 hours I got a text message from said Specialist to "look south and wave at 2350 hours". This has become a ritual within the family and dutifully at 2350 hours I went to the front porch looked south and waved. He is suppose to wave back. Don't try to understand it's just something we do. My neighbors think I am a little nuts, I prefer eccentric. Knowing after the jump he is a little busy I trundled off to bed. I need my beauty sleep (desperately). He will send me a text message later letting me know all is well.

At 0500 hours I wake and check my phone for the text message all is well. This morning no message. I say to myself, this is not good. Can't call, that would be unmanly. Kind of like running out on the basketball court when your kid doesn't get right up after getting knocked down.
Well, off to work to wait. And wait. Did I mention waiting.

Text message at 0820, and I quote "at the hospital possible broken foot, will call later" Boy this ain't good. About 1030 hours the call comes through. The call went something like this, How's the foot? It hurts like hell, What happened? I don't know, I must have landed on a rock or dirt clod. Moonlight? None. Broken? Don't know, too swollen to tell, Dad I landed and screamed like a girl. (Now that's saying something for this kid) What's going to happen? I have to come back Monday for an MRI or when the swelling goes down. Oh! Gotta go dad, ride's here, love you. Love you too son.

Update Sunday afternoon, phone call to mom. Mom, I am out of percocet can I take a darvocet and how many? Yes, ever four to six hours (mom's an RN). Can you put pressure on it? No way. OK. Yada yada yada. Bye son, love you. Love you too mom.

Did I mention we were waiting................


MightyMom said...

ummmm XRay says??

hope all is well

ABNPOPPA said...

No break!!!! Yea!!!!

No Profile wooooo

Airborne dad said...


That is good news. Mark was on the ground setting beacons at DZ Normandy (I think). He had to account for about 125 soldiers at the end of DZ after the drop. As he drove down the main road of the DZ in his night vision (no lights), there were dazed soldiers everywhere...He said it looked like Night of the Living Dead.

Mark's career with the Army is essentially over. The doc says he has two severe stress fractures, knee damage and two collapsed arches. They finally put his left leg in a cast and boot for six weeks, then it's the other leg. He's on profile but not listed as non-deployable. He's probably going to be a candidate for disability.